andontie AUR
REPO STATUS: Up and running! Feel free to submit requests.
Soon there will be a mailing list so I can send people updates.
HELP! I can't add your key!
There's been some issues lately that people have addding my and other keys to their Arch keyring. If you run into this proablem, you need to define a keyserver in your Pacman GPG config file - The Arch Wiki explains how to do this.

andontie AUR is an Arch Linux repository containing the most popular packages from the AUR, along with some packages used frequently by me. New updates to packages are processed nightly at 3 am EST. In the future GIT packages will be rebuilt nighty or weekly.

This repository is powered by ARepoBuilder, a Bash program written by me.

Adding the repo
Add my PGP key with the following commands:

# pacman-key --recv-key B545E9B7CD906FE3

# pacman-key --lsign-key B545E9B7CD906FE3

Add the repo to your /etc/pacman.conf:

Server =$arch

Run pacman -Syu to update your repo list and check for updates and you're good to go!

Request Considerations

If you are submitting a package request because you're getting an error when you try to build the package yourself, please consider submitting a comment about this on the AUR package page. I am not a master compiler and it's possible that I will get the same error that you're getting and I'm not going to be able to fix it any more than you can. I get a lot of requests from people for packages that error when I try to build them and these issues should be taken to the package maintainer.

You are still free to submit packages like this, since it's possible the error is because the compiler is crashing on your computer, just understand that I can't do anything if it's not that. The entire point of this repository is to provide packages for people with less powerful computers who don't want to spend the hours it would take to build them or even because you’re lazy like me and you'd rather just have these things in a repo :)

Request a Package

Requested packages MUST be from the AUR, I will not be taking requests for new AUR package submissons here. Please direct those to the Arch forums instead.